Thursday, December 06, 2007

A first for me...a Google disclaimer...and I think I like it.

I came across another interesting first for me today.

I was searching Google for a particular public domain video that I'm considering using in my online class called "The Eternal Jew", and searched using the exact phrase. The first link on the search return page was a sort of Google apology. i.e. "for what you are about to see, we are truly sorry" It was just interesting and the first such notice I had ever seen.

Certainly material that is offensive to me has shown up before on Google searches without any such disclaimer. Even the offensive N-word (if you're not from North America, look it up) received no such treatment. I'm thinking that I like the approach, and just wish more terms generated such a thoughtful Google disclaimer and explanation...but must admit, that I'm tempted to see what else I can search on to elicit a Google disclaimer.

I should also make clear that I find "The Eternal Jew", a Nazi-era propaganda film, to be disturbing and extremely offensive, but it is a very powerful (and free) example of propaganda (vs. documentary) and its effects that I try to discuss in my online class.

See the exact Google text here:

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