Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuttle writes an interesting post on YouTube tagging.
YouTube Stuff- Tagging it so Others Can Find it
When you post your YouTube video, please make sure to tag it with the major tag of Education; the subject area (Social Studies); the critical aspect of the standard (contributions of various groups); the specifics (Irish building the Erie Canal); and the general grade levels (4-11). Add any other tags that would help educators and students to find it such as Canal Songs, and Westward expansion, and New York State.
The better you tag it, the better other teachers and students can benefit from your efforts and your students’ learning.
We can make YouTube (and other YouTube like places) an educational repository of all our educational videos that are made by teachers and students for teachers and students.
So what tags have you used with your YouTube instructional videos?

Another interesting link is:

-Joel G.

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